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The Guilty Souls

Kliff Undersn

The old geezer!

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Back in the times before the Holy War, Kliff was renowned as an expert knight who was able to wield a sword like no other, and his loyalty and bravery was acknowledged throughout the world. Having slain many dragons in his life, Kliff was granted the greatest gift a knight could ask: the 'Dragonslayer', a huge sword that only the most powerful knight could wield. As time passed by, Kliff grew older, and even though his body became more frail, he could still retain his young body when he managed to expel his whole power, even though it was only for a couple of seconds. He originally created the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, whose mission was to protect the world from any possible threat. This threat manifested itself shortly after, with the rebellion of the Gears.



Heaven or Hell?